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Turn your website and/or sales center into a home buyers paradise through the use of interactive sales tools! There are more efficient tools than just a model home, small material samples and choosing options from a piece of paper. Integrating our software into your website or sales center gives your sales team the ability to showcase and sell all of your lots, elevations, floor plans and any structural or material options effectively. Our client, Tom DiLoreto from DiLoreto Homes, stated, “Our IDA Application by INseARCH has more than assisted us in selling 22 of our homes in 2 weeks before we had any home models built; absolutely fantastic!”.

Inside of our Interactive Floor Plan app we have included our Pricing  and Mortgage Calculators. These tools display the price of the floor plan option and how it will affect the mortgage leading to a more transparent buying experience. Home buyers are more apt to purchase once they feel they can make a confident decision.

Increase Profits:

  • Increase Buying Transparency
  • Sell More Structural Options
  • Increase Customer Experience
  • Sell Homes Quicker
  • Use profits on important business needs/materials

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       Marketing Tools

Upgrade your digital marketing campaigns & tools using one simple, interactive platform. 90% of home buyers research on-line before ever reaching out to a home building company. That means you must make sure your website and marketing material are going grab the buyers attention. Better yet, you must make sure you retain their attention to move forward in the buying process with you.

Using your existing marketing materials, such as floor plans, site plan, renderings, and tours, you can create a one-of-a-kind, interactive platform using our Once complete, this platform can be used for all marketing purposes, such as creating a social media funnel that leads to your community’s interactive application or using your Interactive Virtual Tour as click-bait. Once buyers are on your application, than our software does the rest of the work! Buyers are able to interactively create & design their home, and then e-mail their design to themselves. At the same time, your sales/marketing team will also receive the same e-mail. This is one of the highest qualified leads possible.

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Decrease Spending:

  • Use existing marketing materials
  • Use applications for all marketing purposes
  • Generate higher qualified leads at a lower cost
  • Duplicate similar communities
  • Small monthly fee per community only while community is live

How-To Videos for Existing Material:

home building pricing software

The process of selling homes is no longer the same. Home builders must focus on choosing the most efficient sales & marketing tools to reach their target now more than ever.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our Interactive Applications, please feel free to e-mail me below