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Hessie Jones wrote an article for, OpenHouse.AI: Disrupting Real Estate through Transparency, that stated, “the [Home building market] has emerged into an on-demand economy that has been driven by information. Today home buyers’ increasing access to information allows them, in some ways, to circumvent the agent. The need for instant gratification and knowledge to find the best value at the lowest cost is slowly evolving this industry.”

Buyers are jumping from website to website trying to soak in as much information as possible and find the best deal. That’s why it’s important home builders’ website and sales center must provide the right tools to keep the browsing home buyer from jumping to another.

Hessie said it herself; home buyers no longer need a sales agent to see or even buy a home. They can search on-line and choose which builder they like best. Builders must ask themselves – “Do I provide enough innovative tools to keep the browsing, cost-conscious buyer occupied or is he/she moving on?”

How Interactive Applications Increase Customer Experience

Providing buyers with the best customer experience should be any company’s #1 goal. Successful home builders understand that creating the best customer experience won’t only help build a home, but also build their brand. What should home builders do and what types of tools should they use to reach this goal?

Integrating interactive applications into sales & marketing strategies helps create an overall transparent buying experience by allowing the buyers to visualize and become more hands-on in the buying process. Interactive applications can be Interactive Floor Plans, Interactive Site Plan, Interactive Virtual Tour, Interactive Material Options & more. The whole idea is to provide buyers with essential tools to create their own living space by interactively choosing their floor plan and structural options, shown pricing for those options and how it will affect their mortgage, be able to save their design to look further and more. Transparency is KEY in the buying experience!

Home builders who provide transparent tools, such as Interactive Floor Plans, allow buyers to make their own decisions when choosing what might be in their budget/lifestyle or not. Our data shows that when prospects are given these tools they are more apt to buy, they feel more comfortable making decisions, they love the end product – THEIR NEW HOME, and overall, they have a better customer experience!

Increase Transparency Using Interactive Virtual Tours

What’s most important about interactive tools is making sure they keep prospects on a website or in a sales center for a longer period of time. One great tool to increase transparency is providing an Interactive Virtual Tour, or Virtual Tour, that allows prospects to “walk through” a home from inside a sales center or even the comfort of their couch. This will give them the best feel for the living space while saving businesses time & money from needing to build a model home. These tours are created using existing materials, such as floor plans & architectural files.

Kyna Garrett from LCP360 published a great article, 9 Virtual Tour Statistics You Need to Know in 2019, that contains stats & information. I’ve included my Top 5 below.

1.) Return on investment for virtual imaging is estimated at less than four weeks

2.) Virtual tours keep people on your website 5-10X longer

3.) [Building Industry] listings with a virtual home tour get 87% more views

6.) Among 18-34 year olds, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a virtual tour

7.) Google favors virtual images with a 2:1 preference for thumbnail display on Google

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The process of selling homes is no longer the same. Home builders must focus on choosing the most efficient sales & marketing tools to reach their target now more than ever.

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Brant Coyne – INseARCH Digital Studio