Apartmentalize 2019 was an amazing experience for INseARCH and our team. However, since coming home and talking among ourselves, we found that we were all receiving the same questions from prospects and attendees! We’ve decided to answer the top 10 questions below.

1.) “What does INseARCH do?”

  • INseARCH Digital Studio is a full service, interactive application company dedicated to providing immersive, transparent, interactive experiences to lessees and home buyers. Our IDApro.cloud Multi-family Application is fully web-based meaning it can be integrated into any sales center device or embedded directly into your existing website. At the end of the day, we create customizable applications that immerses your prospects & existing client’s into everything your units and properties have to offer.

2.) “What does INseARCH provide?”

  • We provide two main tools – interactive software and touchscreens/kiosks. Our IDApro.cloud Multi-family Application provides sales center and website solutions for browsing prospects to gather detailed information regarding your existing or upcoming project. From 3D virtual unit tours to local amenities to allowing your clients to pay rent right from our app, our interactive application provides an all-in-one solution for any size project! On the other hand, now that you have an interactive software, you are going to need a device that can integrate your applications. We provide kiosks and wall-mounted touchscreens to create a more up-to-date sales center appearance, and increase customer experience.

3.) “Does this software work with my touchscreen/smart TV?”

  • Our IDApro.cloud software is fully web-based, meaning where ever you have internet connection you are able to use your interactive applications. Our software works with any size touchscreen, smart TV, Ipad, Amazon Fire, Iphone and more! We can also provide you with your own custom code for you to embed directly into your existing website.

4.) “I have 2 Ipads in my model home for prospects and reps to use. Does this work with those or would I have to buy all new equipment?”

  • Yep – you guessed it. Our IDApro.cloud software is fully web-based, meaning what ever device you have that is able to connect to the internet you are able to use your interactive applications. However, we’ve found that the bigger the screen, the better the experience! Plus, we do not charge to add devices – one system, one low fee!

5.) “How is this a marketing tool?”

  • First, our IDApro.cloud software is completely customizable so you are able to change: orientation, background images, pricing, lot status and more to fit your community’s brand & offerings. This allows your marketing team to easily change things based on your marketing campaigns and what might or might not be working. Secondly, once prospects have chosen their favorite unit then they can e-mail or text that info directly to themselves straight from our application. Your sales & marketing team will also receive that same info so it’s a great lead generation tool. Lastly, integrate your existing CRM system, sit back and watch the leads come in.

6.) “Does your software incorporate Matterport tours?”

  • Our software is compatible with all 3-D visualization tools. Send us your existing matterports, and we will integrate them directly into your IDApro.cloud platform saving you time & money!

7.) “What is the difference between Matterport and your Interactive Virtual Tours [IVT]?”

  • Matterport is a great tool to use for existing properties. However, our Interactive Virtual Tours [IVT] are all virtual, so they are great pre-construction tools! We create IVT’s using your floor plan information and material specifications, and stage the unit with our large library of furniture. This gives you the ability to start to market and sell units before the building has even been constructed! Once constructed, our client’s use their IVT’s for excellent sales & marketing tools to immerse their prospects into everything their units offer. If your unit is already built out, we also offer Interactive Model Tours and we can even virtually stage them!

8.) “How are prospects able to apply from your application?”

  • Since our application is fully web-based, we integrate seamlessly with your existing application portal and display it right on our screen.

9.) “Do you sell touchscreens?”

  • We provide all shapes and sizes of touchscreens! Our client’s most popular choice has been our kiosk selection. Our kiosk touchscreens may be the ultimate interactive experience for your customers. This is offered in an angle-top, drafting style, table, and can be the main feature in your showroom or model home. Available sizes: 42” 46″ 55″ 65″. We also provide wall-mounted touchscreen options. Our wall-mounted touchscreens will make your walls come to life in your showroom. These wall-hung touchscreens make even the smallest of rooms feel spacious while your customers view and choose your upgrades. Available sizes: 42” 46″ 55″ 65″ 70”.

10.) “Can I use my existing material?”

  • All of your existing material can easily be integrated into our software. Everything from logos, images, videos, community tours, floor plans, ERP & CRM systems and more. However, if you are looking to UPGRADE your existing material than we’d be happy to help! Our offerings include:
    • 2D and 3D floor plans in both white/black and color
    • Interactive Site Plan – low & high rise options
    • Interactive Amenity Map (we can also show multiple properties!)
    • Interactive Virtual Tours & Model Tours
home building pricing software

The process of selling homes is no longer the same. Home builders must focus on choosing the most efficient sales & marketing tools to reach their target now more than ever.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our Interactive Applications, please feel free to e-mail me below