Panelist: Ryan Thornton

Co-Founder/ COO INseARCH Digital Studio

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Monday Solutions Panel Key Take Aways

Maximizing User Experience & Response on Builder Websites

The age of the customer is here and most them are making their decision online. With 98% of the population searching for home starting online, the need for valuable content on builders websites has never been more important. We, as and industry, are the least digitized with only Agriculture and Hunting industries rounding out the bottom. During our panel we discussed how the bar has been set by not just our industry but all of your customers buying experiences. We need to meet buyers where they are. The buying process is not linear by any means, so offering a blend of media will help ensure you are catering to more buyers on your website. We need to start blurring the lines between Sales and marketing and start bringing some of those sales tools online. And when your buyers decide to stop by the sales center, those same tools should be made available to them to create a consistent customer journey. Some of those tools include Interactive Floor Plans, Interactive Site Plans, Pricing and Virtual Tours. Our IDApro.clud software spans between online, sales center and the design center. You can review our solutions here:

In a report from the National Association of REALTORS® Research Group, most buyers who bought a new home instead of a used home attributed it to being able to customize and choose options as one of their top reasons. If you factor in that 98% of them are searching online and you are not showcasing your options online you are drastically reducing your audience searching for a new or used home. Why is this important? Well only 14% of home buyers decided to purchase a new home in 2018 instead of a used home. Link to full report:

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Overall Show Take Aways

Data is King. The amount of information being collected by your home buyers selections with interactive media is extremely valuable to your entire building process down and can be funneled all the way down to the architect. Knowing your audience enables to you see emerging trends and account for them in real-time and for future projects.

Interactive Media Is Not A Trend. Buyers are looking for trust in a builder. Showing the most information possible creates a level of accuracy and transparency. A certain level of self-service is coming to home sales, and buyers are expecting this. Creating a seamless interaction with your buyers enables complete transparency.