INSEARCH Interactive provides software to you, the builder, to help you better sell and market your homes. (If you’re not yet familiar, learn about our software here and how it helps clients like Signature Homes generate millions more in revenue.) While our competitors’ software takes months to set up and often requires duplicate data entry to maintain all the appropriate systems, ours takes just days to configure, and automatically pulls in the relevant data from your ERP – saving you a ton of time and effort.

While we work behind the scenes to connect INSEARCH with other construction management software via their APIs so that our software and your vendors’ software can seamlessly exchange data, you don’t care about the details — you just want to save time and money. That said, here are 4 ways our integrations can make your life easier.

We’ve Already Built Integrations With Top CRM and ERP Software

INSEARCH offers integrations for popular CRM (lead management) software including Follow Up Boss, ECi | Lasso, and Top Builder, as well as Construction Management Software (ERP) integrations, like ECIi | MarkSystems, Newstar, Buildtopia, Rent Manager, and Yardi. That means what you do on one platform is reflected on the other, with no further action required on your part.

Our Clients Help Us Steer Product Development

We look to our community — the developers and builders who use our product — to help us improve INSEARCH. That means that when we get a request for a new integration, we usually don’t charge for it, because it’ll improve the experience for not just the client that requested it, but others who may have the same need, too. Do you have a special integration that you’re not sure we’ve set up yet? Ask us!

Less Time on The Nitty Gritty, More Time Building and Selling

We hear it all the time: our builders are often surprised at how easy it is to get set up with our software. We pull so much information from other sources that oftentimes, you, the client, only have to provide the graphics assets to us in order to configure and launch the software. That means less time configuring which options are available for a given unit, fewer change orders, less buyer confusion, meetings that can be virtual instead of in-person, and more benefits. You’ll feel the “before and after” effect immediately.

Glowing Reviews from Clients Who Appreciate the Integrations

Melinda Brown, the Design Manager for Jenuane Communities, remarked: “We are ECi | MarckSystems clients and have also been long-time clients with INSEARCH. When they [INSEARCH] announced their integration with MarkSystems we immediately saw an advantage to not only saving us internal time but time with our clients. INSEARCH’s IDA Design Center has brought a level of sophistication to our entire Design Studio experience, improved our customer experience, and has boosted our option sales.”