Let’s get the word out of the way: the word phygital combines the Physical and the Digital. 

“Phygital is the concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with the physical world with the purpose of providing a unique interactive experience for the user,” says the Monash University marketing dictionary.

“Phygital is just an odd-sounding word to describe a trend of elevating a physical brand experience with a digital component – or the other way around,” opines Konstruct Digital.

“Phygital marries both the online and offline environments by taking the best aspects from each space to create a much more complete and satisfying customer experience,” says WeAreMarketing.

OK, so it’s about taking the best of both worlds. Each of these definitions are circling the same concept, but you’ll be forgiven if you’re still a little shaky on how it applies to real estate. That’s OK. In this post, we’re going to outline some of our existing technologies and perhaps inspire some ideas on your end to help you market and sell your properties more effectively.

3D Printing

We recently purchased a 3D printer. Our aim is to create 3D-printed floor plans for our builders’ sales centers. Imagine this: home buyers walk into your sales center, and positioned next to the touchscreen, they see, to scale, 3D printed models of your plans hanging from the wall. Not only can they see the spaces and how they interact with other spaces within the home, they can then move to our award-winning interactive software (IDA Pro) on the touchscreen and finish designing their home.

If you were a homebuyer, how effective would a model of the home, printed perfectly to scale, be especially if you are buying sight unseen? Furthermore, if you are selling homes, how many more offers would you get with a, to scale, 3D-printed model of the house you are trying to sell perched on the walls of your sales center? 3D-printed models have the potential to tantalize our imagination in a way that just isn’t possible with flat images. 

Customizable Virtual Tours

It takes some imagination to buy a home. What would this place look like with different flooring? Paint colors? Fixtures? Window treatments? Virtual reality can make it easy to experience every option with the tap of a button. Imagine, this time, that you are in the home you’re considering buying, only it doesn’t look like you imagine it. Then, consider the possibility of  pulling out a tablet and changing all those things – paint colors, fixtures, window treatments, floors, etc. –  while standing in the physical space. For sellers, it may suddenly become much easier to move those fixer-uppers. And imagine what happens when virtual reality headsets are widely accessible.

At INSEARCH, we are always IN SEARCH of the latest tools and ideas to help home buyers not only find a house, but find the home of their dreams.